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Old School RuneScape Updates Wilderness Bosses and Details Record Breaking New Skill Vote

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Old School RuneScape continues the beginning of 2023 with progress on the recent community vote to go ahead with the first new skill in 15 years. There's also new details on the Wilderness Boss rework, which was added yesterday.

When it comes to the process of adding a brand new skill to a game like old school runescape, the community has to be involved. The first part of this multi-part process began last month in December, where over 190,000 players voted with an 80% approval rating to go ahead with the plans to create a new skill. This was a record for community voting, with big news because this will be the first new skill in 15 years. 

Currently, and through January 31st, the community  will have a questionnaire to fill in on what kinds of skills players want to see the most. Next month, we'll see the pictures for the types of skills that could be possible and then another voting phase will begin. ultimately, we can expect this brand new skill to enter a beta process in Old School RuneScape sometime later in the year.

Speaking of community feedback and impact, the Wilderness Boss Rework is here. This process took several months and the patch is a whole series of changes, including visual and mechanical changes to three bosses, Venenatis, Vet'ion and Callisto. Which of these bosses also got their own special new locations that are connected with each having an entrance to and from the Escape Caves. There are also a couple of soloable bosses, some new locations, and of course, weapons. These weapons can be made using attachments that are dropped by the reworked bosses and the three new bosses. 

The Wilderness is intended to be a risky undertaking, because other players can attack you freely, even when you are going there with killing the bosses in mind. There are options for PK prevention, but in general this is intended to be challenging on the boss front as well as the other player front. 

The update also adds increased drop rates of revenant weapons from Revenant NPCs, including a special bonus when you kill them on a Wilderness Slayer task, integrating that into these changes. 

See the full patch notes at Old School RuneScape.


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