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Old School RuneScape Update Sets Gold and Item Sink Taxes, Makes PvP changes

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 After deliberation and putting options before the community, the Old School RuneScape team has updated the game to put in place the tax on the Grand Exchange and other economic fixes. The update also adds item sink and PvP changes.

After the decision process came to a close, the tax on the Grand Exchange has come to pass, with a 1% tax rate collected from the seller’s take after an item sells. It applies per item, and the tax won’t apply to transactions under 100GP, and any seller will be able to preview what their final take will be if they place an item up for sale. On the upper end, tax will also not apply to any items sold at over 499,999,999 GP. On that, there will be a capped 5 million GP tax. Another restriction for the tax includes most tools used by very new players. Items like shears, saw, hammers, chisel, and watering cans won't be taxed in order to have a free flow of trade for those items..

With 20 years of time, the Old School RuneScape economy can support such high transactions, and inflation issues, but this change should be a helpful gold sink for the economy. There’s also a new player to player transaction change, with a delay in being able to press the Accept button. This will allow for a few seconds to review the deal before accepting, with the hope to help more avoid scams.

To go along with the taxes, there is an item sink system that targets inflation by putting the taxes into a virtual coffer and the team will use that gold  to Simply purchase some items from the economy and delete them.  Removing some items from the economy should help, but the team aims to start small with only some items. Once they see how the system works, additional items may be eligible. 

There are also new PVP changes that should help players not get tricked into getting skulls in PvP, where you can check a box for PK skull prevention. They've also added additional safe areas.

See the full update notes at Old School RuneScape


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