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Old School RuneScape Tweaks Tombs of Amascut and Wilderness Reworks, Opens Quest Speedrunning Beta

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Old School RuneScape has made some changes to Tombs of Amascut, as well as opened up betas for the Quest Speedrun feature, Poison Dynamite, and rewards for the rework of the Wilderness.

After running for several weeks, and seeing some tweaks as things went along, Tombs of Amascut is in a good place, according to the OSRS team, but still needed a few adjustments. One of the last rounds of changes affected Invocations in too harsh a way, so this is being addressed in today’s patch. Invocations are the way that players can customize the encounter. One example given was, if you used the “Need Less Help” option, that supplies in the mid-raid loot were lower than expected. Another issue with Deadly Prayers has had its fix delayed to next week.

Some other fixes include making sure the crocodile spawns on the Path of Crondis were consistent and more predictable. This helps completion. In another crocodile-related issue, Zebak was having some issues getting to all players in the area, and now he’ll be able to get to all areas, including players standing in the corners. No more avoiding his jaws there.

Overall, the team is continuing to monitor the encounters and phases, and will continue fixes, but as stated, it seems to have been really coming together.

They're also opening beta worlds for Quest Speedrunning. This offering will let players do speed runs through a number of iconic quests. With such a long history, there’s a lot to pull from. Since it's a beta, they are working to fine-tune things. The Wilderness boss rework is also getting some changes, including some weapon slot changes to help PvMers against any PKers they might encounter, as well as other weapon-related adjustments. The whole rework is still in beta, so we should expect things to change. 

Read the full update notes over at Old School RuneScape.


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