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Old School RuneScape Team Shares Details Behind Deadman Reborn Finals Network Issues

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Following network interruptions during the Deadman Reborn Finals over the weekend, the Old School RuneScape team have shared details on what they’ve learned so far.

The Deadborn Reborn Finals took place last Friday, September 17 which is when the team announced they had been targeted by direct network attacks. This then led to some pretty extreme lag during the Deadman Finals world.

However, since Friday, the Old School RuneScape team have looked into the issue and are now speculating that lag may have been a result of larger outages in the UK at the time. Therefore, they conclude in their community post that lag was simply a coincidence, albeit ill-timed.

While that lag was a severe issue, the team experienced other issues which were largely resolved during that day. But due to these issues, players were still unable to compete in the Deadman Reborn finals.

The Old School RuneScape team notes investigations are ongoing while they look to potential future action,

“We are determined to do what is right for affected players, but as mentioned above, investigations are still ongoing, so we’re not ready to announce what actions we’re going to undertake. Whilst we are still going to honour the outcome of Friday’s event, we are actively exploring the possibility of a re-run, just as we did with the Spring Finals in 2019.”

You can check out the full retrospective post here. Recently, the RuneLive developers and Jagex reached a deal regarding their plugin. You can read our reporting here.


Poorna Shankar