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Old School RuneScape Team Delays League Launch into January, in Part Due to Group Ironman Success

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The Old School RuneScape team has pushed back the start of the Leagues III: Shattered Relics mode until January. 

The decision to delay this time was also based on not wanting to siphon players away from the still-busy Group Ironman. The announcement comes in part due to Group Ironman launching, and in the weeks since, is still getting lots of activity and action.. Group Ironman itself was delayed, and this squeezed the original planned window between both releases. So this new delay will right that a bit, though the time will be a little big longer than planned or expected due to the time of year and progress with Group Ironman.

The positive news is that the launch of the new mode has been a success, and has gone beyond expectations, according to the team. The play has been very competitive and some people are still finding their footing and adjusting to the challenge of the highly anticipated new mode. With this being the first new mode in years, it is not surprising that people are both diving in to enjoy their new option and also still getting used to playing it. 

As a result of the decision to delay, League III: Shattered Relics will go live from January 19, 2022 through March 2nd. This timing was also made to not potentially disrupt anyone's holiday plans for the end of this year. With a dedicated community and a team that's tuned in, this makes sense.

Though one potential bright spot that some might look forward to. There's a vote to add Nex in the game, and if the decision is passed by the community vote, then Nex will join on January 5th and appear in the League.

For more on the delay and the decision, see the Old School RuneScape update.


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