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Old School RuneScape Reworking the Wilderness Bosses' Mechanics and Visuals to Modernize Encounters

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Old School RuneScape team is proposing a Wilderness boss rework to the community, with attention focused on the three bosses: Venenatis, Callisto and Vet'ion. The rework is intended to bring these bosses that were released in 2014 up to the modern standard for an Old School RuneScape boss.

The Wilderness is a dangerous area, of course, but these three bosses were always intended to be group efforts that would challenge players with their hard hitting, high defense mechanics. As the team explains:

“However, the ingenuity of players knows nearly no bounds and all three of them can be fought with very little interaction, completely solo, and with some pretty unusual safespot mechanics.”

So where this leaves things is the rework is to make sure these encounters deliver the multi-combat group experience that was originally intended before the players were just too smart and creative to make it a real challenge.

Reworking the bosses means they've put them into a cave with unique entrances for each boss. Because the Wilderness is still open to PKers,  that's also something you have to consider. There's an option to get a peek to see if anybody is waiting inside the cave, and you'll get an answer that somebody is in there or nobody is but you won't know if that's the boss, a group trying to take down the boss, or PKers waiting to strike.

Entering a boss lair will cost a fee, currently 50,000 gold, but there’s a 10,000 gp deduction for each kill where you are MVP. 

The caves will also be filled with dangerous enemies, and give that multi-combat experience as intended. When you leave a boss lair, you will find yourself in a random exit at the Escape Caves. If you are following another player, you'll still have a chance to do that.

Also in the rework are making each boss act in a way that's fitting for the type of  creature they are. First, Callisto the bear will act more like a bear. Venenatis Will feature a lot of spiders, with the boss summoning spiderlings like a matriarch. Finally, Vet’ion the skeleton, will also get a visual rework and new animations to go along with his new mechanics and a Phase two in his battle.

For more details on the reworks, read the announcement at Old School RuneScape.


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