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Old School RuneScape Receives Trailblazer League on October 28

Plus a trailer

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Trailblazer League is almost here for Old School RuneScape, featuring a trailer showcasing some of the features, plus a release date.

Features include various new mechanics coming to the league in addition to Tier I relics. As expected, rewards will be there for all to enjoy. As for when you can take part in Trailblazer League, that will be October 28.

Additionally, Poll #72 updates were shared. In short, you can turn Lunar and Ancient Spellbook teleports into Teleport Tables. You can do this at a lecturn on Lunar Isle, in addition the Ancient Pyramid. Finally, some issues were fixed as well including:

  • Fixed an issue where being unable to cast a spell would still sometimes delay your character as though you’d cast the spell.
  • The Coal Bag can no longer be filled from the Bank Deposit Box interface.
  • Fixed an issue with Vanstrom’s darkness attack.
  • The Darkbow is no longer able to damage Vyrewatch.
  • Required runes will now appear in the Magic Skill Guide as well as the Spellbook.

You can read the full update here.


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