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Old School RuneScape Quest Speedrunning is Live, and Jagex Updates on Efforts Against RMT and Cheating

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Old School RuneScape has opened its Quest Speedrunning worlds, and the team also has an update and analysis about RMT and cheating.

When it comes to Quest Speedrunning, this is an official game mode for those who want to speed through their accomplishments. The feature is now live for members server that works with a different save file.

With a speedrunning world, there are some very distinct differences intended to serve the purpose of these new servers. There is no tutorial, no PVP, all players are basically considered iron on the server so there is no trading,  And no access to several features like Castle Wars or the PVP Arena. 

There are other changes, such as shops always having a static stock and nothing selling out, and some item changes that mean when players have to pick up an item from the floor, it will exist there for all players to take when on their speedruns. Additionally, there are a couple of security changes for players who are on the speed running world without actually being on a speed run. For those players, they won't gain XP.

Speaking of security, the team is also commenting and updating info about battling RMT and cheating. Months ago, the Duel Arena was removed to try and stop  cheating activity that was making a dent in the economy. The PvP Arena that replaced it now also seems to have an adapted version of similar issues, like “chucking”, which is a way to create high stakes duels, with a deliberate plan to fix the competition and get one player to win double the bet, with payouts for those who arranged it. A related issue is some hosting giveaways, then taking payouts to reroll the giveaway’s result. 

For more on these policies and what they’re doing, you can see the full post here. For more on Quest Speedrunning, see the update over at Old School RuneScape.


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