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Old School RuneScape Plans, Then Postpones, Forestry Open Beta 'Indefinitely'

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Yesterday, Old School RuneScape was set to begin a beta for the upcoming Forestry expansion content, but the team has postponed it indefinitely and is planning alternate previews.

Those who might have wanted to test out the new content will have to wait–possibly until it formally launches. The team shared an official update that read: “Unfortunately, the Beta for Forestry will be postponed indefinitely due to unforeseen technical issues. The team are currently discussing potential ideas to give you as much insight into Forestry before its launch. Stay tuned for an update.”

It seems that, in lieu of a beta test, there will be some additional previews to give a feel for the content, and presumably to still get community feedback on some of the options included. 

In a devblog promoting the start of the open beta for Forestry, the team reviewed polling. This covered the sense of how Forestry polled initially, with many questions of the  “should we introduce?” type, with others being “Should we explore?”. This, as intended, was going to let beta testers further refine the content.

“We settled on various buffs that could provide gameplay benefits that complement Forestry. You'll be able to test these out in the beta, and another Poll will go live to specifically ask if you want them added to the game.”

In the new content, you'll be able to expect new mechanics, events, rewards, and additional changes that will expand the core of woodcutting. Things like expanded Gathering for leaves, with different leaves getting different bonuses. Other purposes of expanding this with new content include to add new bonuses and encourage more skilling, to lessen resource competition, and to expand economic offerings for taking on woodcutting. 

Phase one is supposed to release sometime this month with phase two tentatively coming in August.  

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