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Old School RuneScape Group Storage Item Losses Will Be Restored

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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The team at Old School RuneScape has been hard at work responding to the initial issues with the launch of Legends III servers and several subsequent matters, including some reported item losses from Group Ironman storage. There have been several hotfixes and new work in process to address these issues and keep things moving.

After launching the Legends III worlds, the team had to push a rollback to the servers just before the update that brought Legends. However, all scores and progress were kept. The worlds opened up successfully and the mode was live. Yet, no game is without bugs. The current Group Ironman one seems to be having the most impact though.

Group Ironman is still a new mode, and the first one the game has seen in years, so there have been a few growing pains. Shared storage for Group Ironman teams is newer still. Players have been reporting loss of items connected to their group storage. In an update responding to the initial reports, it was confirmed that group storage is stored in a different location from players’ own saved files. The issues were connected to the decision to roll back the main server to the point before the update. It seems that players that moved items from group storage in the time before the rollback have been affected. 

The issue wasn’t able to be fixed via a hotfix like some other issues were, but the fix will be coming. After investigating, they found that some players lost items and some received extra items. For those that lost items, the OSRS team is aiming to restore  what was lost following this week’s update. For those that got extra items, there won’t be any action taken since the impact was relatively small. 

For the full list of fixes and adjustments made after the Legends-related rollback, see this update over at Old School RuneScape.


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