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Old School RuneScape Gets Toggleable Clue Scroll and Activity Helpers if You Want Some Hints

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Old School RuneScape got a client update and some new features intended to help you out with map locations, clues, and puzzling tasks if you want it.

The Clue Scroll helper is a new tool to help you with, what else, clues and puzzles to solve. When you use a clue scroll, the helper appears on the left hand side and gives you a hint for a number of different types of puzzles. 

The helper will give you some idea of what to do to solve the clue and to proceed in what you're trying to complete. An example given in the notes is that if you have is a music clue and you use the helper the side panel will show a relevant track.

Different types of tasks will get you different types of help, and there are also new hint arrows in the world on the mini-map or world map and the helper will point out if you need an item to complete your next step and even if you have the correct item. Since this is a lot of help for some people, it is all completely optional. You can turn off the helper, disable the hint arrows alone, or figure out what configuration works best for you. The setting is off by default but it's up to you how to configure it.

On the Steam version of Old School RuneScape, there are NPC indicators which will let you highlight NPCs and their names. You can also highlight a particular NPC or all NPCs of the same type for some reason and this is also something you can toggle in Settings.

The first round of Activity Helpers (also toggleable) is here, And they can do things like show you how long a tool will last before it breaks, highlight certain objects that you need to interact with, and timers that show you how long you have to aim. Again, because they want to preserve players' choice, these can also be toggled.

For more on all the changes in the update, head to Old School RuneScape.


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