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Old School RuneScape Gets Duel Arena Changes to Reduce Scams Until a Replacement Comes

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 The Old School RuneScape team is making some changes to Duel Arena in an effort to tweak the feature for now before a full replacement is announced in early 2022. The latest update applies these short-term changes.

When it comes to Duel Arena, last month the team announced that they want to replace it with something new and said that there would be upcoming restrictions To sort of Tide things over until they could come up with a full replacement. Because Duel Arena was causing more problems than it was worth, they took several steps to help in the meantime.  Since they want to help prevent scamming and confusion, these steps include some significant restrictions for now while still letting those who want to participate enjoy the mode for just a little while longer.

The most noticeable step might be the stake limit of 10 million GP that they put in place on a per player basis, per duel, regardless of account type.  The team also added two presets that are based on player settings used for Whip and Boxing duels. These presets are designed to make sure that the Duel you are expecting is the Duel you are going to get. If you turn on the whip preset, you can use any one-handed weapon. If you use the boxing preset, then you're going in without . If you use the boxing preset, then you're going in without.

One of the other things of note is the upcoming Android beta test. The Android beta will start next week and players who are invited will see their confirmations in their account mailboxes. Those who are selected and have an Android 8.0 device or higher will be able to try the mobile version when the test opens up next week.

For the full update, including all the hotfixes, end PVP schedule, check the update post on the OSRS site.


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