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Old School RuneScape Extends Wilderness Boss Beta A Bit For Adjustments and Polling on Rewards

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Old School RuneScape has extended its Wilderness boss reworks beta for just a while longer for adjustments and to poll the community on a number of proposed loot changes that accompany the planned reworks.

Their plans are to re-home the bosses Vet'ion, Callisto and Venenatis in a way that will sustain a multi-way comment environment and also give some more support to the multi PVP community. When the game launched in 2014, these bosses were supposed to be encounters that you took on as a group,  but eventually players learned how to manage to solo them in safer positions and get all the loot themselves.

The rework that was recently announced would move these bosses into different lairs that would be connected by what they’ve called the Escape Caves. Their skills would be refreshed, the loot system would change to something similar to Nex, where all players that engage are eligible for loot, and the encounters would be a little toned down to fit within an environment that is also intended to mean the risk of PKers around. This would be  intended as a mid-level encounter that will also give you room to take on the bosses but take on other players as well. 

This proposal received a lot of feedback, and they do have some polling left for the community on rewards.The polling this time is restricted to the topic of the rewards. The Jagex team prefaces the polling with a statement that the rework itself will not be polled, and that they've set on the intentions of the redesign. So all that's left is asking the community for input on rewards. 

There are nine polling questions for the community to discuss exactly how the loot should be adjusted, based on the stated goals and the overall intention of the rework.

Read the details over at Old School RuneScape.


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