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Old School RuneScape Closes 2021 With an Event, Proposed Changes to Group Ironman, and a Look to 2022

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The Old School RuneScape team is closing out 2021 with the Christmas event, a review of feedback and proposed changes to Group Ironman, item sink additions,  and a look ahead to 2022, including changes in the team's approach to new features.

Christmas is happening in OSRS and the snowy season will give you presents for helping out the squire who has set out to restore the armor of his knight, Sir Vyvin, to its former white color after being washed with a Santa suit. If you help him out, there will be rewards. 

The recent introduction of the taxes and item sink systems have been successful, wiping almost 30 billion GP out of the system per day, on average. The team has added some more items to the list of item sinks. There’s also no plan to raise tax rates yet, but there are some ideas floated before the community as to ways to improve these new systems as they grow in use.

Group Ironman’s successful launch after being a requested feature helped shift the release plans for additional content, but now the feedback the team has received such as wanting more clarity on how to teleport to group members’ houses will work, concerns about players entering your house remotely, and potential features like group Iron players being able to trade otherwise untradeable items between members of their group. Proposals to address some of these issues and requests will get a community vote.

Finally, there's a look ahead at what's coming, including the fifth general, Nex, coming in the next major content update on January 5th and the next  iteration of the God Wars Dungeon.   many of the changes and improvements this year were system improvements with some features and content. In 2022, the team is making changes to their iteration process, which used to mean team members would take two days off every month to try and come up with new features to add or changes to make. However this will now take place in a week-long game jam three times a year with no other interruptions that week. This means no updates for those weeks, but hopefully allows the team members uninterrupted time to concentrate on making more improvements and adding new features.

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