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Old School RuneScape Brings Back A More Newbie-Friendly Bounty Hunter

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Old School RuneScape is bringing back Bounty Hunter today, in a reimagined version of the classic mode to test your abilities in the Wilderness.

The original version dates back to 2007 and is a PVP minigame that lets you enter into craters with a combat level cap in order to fight each other in a battle for dominance in the Wilderness, and of course, loot. The new version is designed to be friendlier to newer and less-experienced players.

Everything takes place in Daimon’s Crater on a Bounty Hunter world. These are separate worlds that are being set aside for the mode. Currently they are not allowing teleporting in order to maintain Honour PVP. They've already received requests for a Dishonuor PVP rule but they're not doing that for now.

When you enter the lobby, take a look around at what amenities are available to you in order to help you anytime you decide to take part in Bounty Hunter. These include a coffer, loot chest, and even bank chests.

Among the features include a matchmaking tool that is designed to help create more balanced fights. You will also find corrupted Warriors who will give you the rules of bounty hunter as well as everything else you need to know to get started. 

When you enter, you'll get a target, and of course that is your bounty. If you are successful, you'll get the target's loot when you defeat them as well as emblems that you can use to exchange for other items. The rewards you can get your hands on include Vesta’s Armour, Zuriel’s robes, and access to Ancient Warrior Weapons. Those include things like Morrigan’s Throwing Axe and Vesta’s Longsword. You will be able to imbue certain items with enchantments that will enhance their magic when they are used in Bounty Hunter combat. If you are fortunate enough to have those in your possession, you can use things like the Dragon Longsword, Dark Bow, or Abyssal Dagger.

For full details, head to Old School RuneScape.


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