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Old School RuneScape Banning Almost All Third-Party Clients, While Jagex Wants Feedback on PvP

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The Old School RuneScape team has two important updates this week. One, they’re asking for player feedback on the future of PvP. And when it comes to third-party clients, Old School RuneScape is planning on cracking down on unofficial clients to fight against cheating and botting. Now that there’s an official Jagex Launcher, these security measures are rolling out.

The team is asking for player feedback via a survey about how people play OSRS, especially with regards to PvP. This feedback will help the team make some decisions on the future of PVP, including the upcoming Wilderness rework. There are questions on player activities and preference, some proposed new modes, and other potential priorities. For example, one of the proposed mode is Bounty Hunter, something that would take place on a designated world where players in the Wilderness get a target close to their level that they can hunt down and kill for loot. Others involve versions of Deadman.

With Old School RuneScape, as long as it has existed, there have been third-party unofficial clients that let people enter the game. They acknowledged that sometimes these are just fan creations that have no malicious intent, but because there are gaps that do allow for some add-ons to affect gameplay and even the economy and player accounts, they've made the decision that enough of these unofficial clients are used for unacceptable and sometimes damaging purposes. 

In addition to this, “Outside of individual client features that are essentially allowing players to cheat their way through content, or enabling impossible switches in PvP and PvM alike, we are also seeing increased usage of non-approved third-party clients that readily provide easy access to bot scripts”.

So, going forward, this time after RuneLite was added to the official launcher, they will recognize just three approved non-Jagex clients going forward: RuneLite, HDOS, and OSBuddy. After Friday, players will have to run either the official clients or any of those three approved third-party clients to avoid potential bans.

For more, see the announcement at Old School RuneScape.


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