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Old School RuneScape Adds Much Anticipated Clan Support Today

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Old School RuneScape now supports clans officially, and as a result there was much rejoicing. A feature long wanted by the community, the official support rolls out from Jagex today as part of the Clans update, which gives support for new and existing clans alike.

The Clan Hub, located in a corner of the Grand Exchange, acts as the go to spot for all things Clan related in Old School RuneScape. This includes things like forming, finding and managing clans. Clans themselves can have up to 500 players, with players holding different ranks decided upon by the leadership of the clan. New and existing clans alike will need to register their group in-game, but once you've got it all set up you'll be able to check out your own personal Clan Hall, which is a private area for clan members to meet up.

"Clans are instrumental in bringing players together to create compelling and wholesome stories to tell," Old School RuneScape Executive Producer Rob Hendry said today in a press release. "Today’s Clans update provides the perfect opportunity for every Old School RuneScape player to develop existing relationships, build new ones, and share exciting experiences with like-minded individuals in our amazing community. Whether it’s learning the ropes during your first venture into the world of Gielinor, cornering the market in the Grand Exchange, or taking on challenging endgame PVE and PVP content, Clans allow you to do so with others who have similar goals."

From the Grand Exchange, Clans will be able to use a bevy of tools to encourage players to join their Clan, from a recruitment board, in-game dedicated Clan menus and more.  Last October OSRS put out a video as a look into the Clans of RuneScape, with many player clan leaders taking part. 

Old School RuneScape will be hosting a player livestream May 27th at 5pm BST/12pm Eastern/9am Pacific on the official Twitch channel.  The Developer Team will be on hand to answer any questions players might have about the Clan update in a Q&A during the stream. 

Old School RuneScape is prepping for a major content update, A Kingdom Divided, which launches on June 16th. The new content brings with it the next chapter in the Kourend storyline.


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