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Old School RuneScape Adds 'Most Narrative Driven', Customizable Raid, Tombs of Amascut

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Old School RuneScape  has added the Tombs of Amascut raid, opening up what the team is calling “the most replayable and narrative-driven raid we’ve made”.  

The addition of this raid is clearly a big one, and if you’ve finished the Beneath Cursed Sands Master Quest, then you can have a go at the new content. You’ll want to be prepared because Amascut, the Goddess of Rebirth, was once corrupted and became The Devourer. if the name alone doesn’t clue you in, she’s now looking to consume souls and harness the power of an ancient tomb in the desert to fuel her goals. You will, of course, get the job of stopping all this from coming to pass.

There are four dedicated Tombs of Amascut worlds across regions and two free for all Tombs of Amascut worlds for you to pick just how you’ll take on this challenge. You will be able to find the entrance to the raid in the giant pyramid, which you will know if you already become familiar with the Necropolis. There are actually several ways to get to the raid to discover.

One of the features of this raid is the new Invocation system. This system will let you customize your experience and add additional challenges and difficulty to the raid if you want. If you do, you'll have a chance at the best rewards, including best in slot weapons.  

You may choose to approach this raid on an easier difficulty level at first, bumping the difficulty up and adding points to your Raid Level  as you get a handle on all the mechanics. Entry level will be 0-149, Normal 150-299, and Expert is anything over 300, but the max is 600 Raid Level for those who run around with the highest of skill and confidence. As the raid level goes up, enemies will hit harder, last longer, and things will get trickier, but you’ll have a chance to get a unique item and drop rates for all other loot will increase too.

For full details, head over to Old School RuneScape.


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