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Olandra Zone Launches

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Sony Online Entertainment has announced that a new zone has been added to Dragon's Prophet. Called "Olandra", the new area and content bring a host of changes and feature enhancement. Mounted combat and class systems, in particular, have been given the once over and a new dragon to celebrate the Year of the Horse can be tamed by players.

Olandra adds another dimension to the fantasy MMOPRG, introducing the game's first underwater dungeon, Shrine of Handras. This Legendary Dungeon features five new bosses with mechanics never-before-seen in Dragon's Prophet, deadly aqua monsters and whirlpools, and frequent Stone Shards drops, which give access to rare and powerful weapons. In addition to ruthless bosses and new dragons, with this zone, players will see a level cap increase from 90 to 94.

Read more on the Dragon's Prophet site.


Suzie Ford

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