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Oh Yes, Upcoming RPG Waylanders Has Pets

But can you pet the dog?

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If you’ve been wondering if there are pets in upcoming RPG Waylanders, well, wonder no more.

There are 12 different animal companions from which you can choose. These pets actually level up with you as you progress throughout the game. They also possess unique abilities that damage, distract, heal, and inflict status effects. Ranger animal companions are always with the party and can be directed to take action just like all your other characters. While a few of these pets are race and advanced class-specific, many can travel beside any kind of Ranger the player chooses to create.

And what are these pets exactly?

  • Dog - A furry friend with a distracting bark and sharp bite
  • Wolf - A cunning pack hunter with a self-healing attacks and an invigorating howl
  • Wild Boar - A tough ally with sharp tusks and a devastating charge
  • Deer - A swift fighter with sharp hooves and a hard skull
  • Rabbit - A lightning-quick companion with some unexpected tricks
  • Bear - A fearsome guardian with savage jaws
  • Raven - A dark omen on wings with a razor beak
  • Jay - A colorful bird with sharp talons and a swooping assault
  • Panther - A lithe predator that favors pouncing and biting
  • Spider - A patient, terrifying huntress with a prickly web
  • Dragon - A legendary beast with powerful wings and explosive breath
  • Drake - A scaly-skinned carnivore with a lethal charge and deadly breath

Do note, you won’t be able to pet your companions for early access, but, as the press release indicates, the team wants your feedback on whether or not it’s something players want. If you’re a magic user, don’t worry, you’ll have companions too via summons.

Waylanders hits Steam Early Access later this year.


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