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Oft-Delayed Skull And Bones Is Showing Some Life, Taking Applications For New Insider Program

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The often delayed Skull and Bones is showing some signs of life, as late last week the development team put the call out to those interested in helping test the upcoming pirate sandbox. Labeled as an Insider Program, Ubisoft is seeking players to help private test the upcoming game as it inches closer to its now-targeted 2023 release.

The multiplayer pirate title from Ubisoft has been in a development hell of sorts for years now, seeing delay after delay since it was initially revealed at E3 2017 during the Ubisoft press briefing. However, the call for testers is a promising sign as the developers aim to bring the game home to dock. While the pool itself is stated to be small, the team at Ubisoft is looking for players interested in helping to shape the experience players will have when the pirate game launches to the public. The goal is to get real players to experience the multiplayer title in real situations that just cannot be simulated.

Via the official Skull and Bones website (emphasis theirs):

Our main objective is to get real data & feedback. We want to see what our players do when they're free to play our game whenever they want, however they want. Most importantly, we want to know how they feel about the game.

For this, we've established dedicated channels of communication reserved for members of the Insider Program to share about their experience, discuss with each other and get information straight from our development team.

Interested players can sign up on the Skull and Bones website to get the chance to participate. If you're chosen you'll need to sign an NDA as well as agree to Ubisoft's Code of Conduct, but you'll get to check out the progress of the title before the general public. 


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