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Officially Launching May 26th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Faxion Online will officially enter into retail release on Thursday, May 26, 2011. To celebrate the event, UTV True Games is sponsoring an iPad 2 give away as well as leaderboard winners for most levels, most faith, etc. All of the celebratory events and more about the official release have been detailed by Creative Director, Mike Madden.

I'll be clear right up front: Faxion isn't a console game, and we're not approaching it that way. While important, official launch is just another milestone. Rather than treating it like the finish line, we've already begun work on some of the major systems that will be coming online over the next few months. The Guild System is slated for a complete overhaul, and we’re hard at work on the addition of Holy Wars. This means equipping guilds with the tools to own, manage, and destroy territory and assets. Should you covet property an “ally” has conquered, you’ll be able to indict them as unworthy and declare an Inquisition, hunting them to the ends of Limbo.

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Suzie Ford

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