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Suzie Ford Posted:
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Nexon has announced that Vindictus has been officially released. Developers call Vindictus the first true physics-based action MMO on the market today. The game uses a modified version of Valve's Source Engine to enable some impressive physics including hurling objects and monsters as well as grappling and armor degradation over time.

At launch, Vindictus is unlocking a powerful female mage character, Evie. Evie and her magic skills join Lann, the male dual-sword wielding brawler, and Fiona, the female sword and shield bearing fighter. Highly anticipated by players, Evie can summon a golem, heal injured comrades and unleash fire bolts.

Players will be able to access all three characters and the three available episodes at launch. Access tokens will also be refilled three times a week.

Players who participated in the previous open beta phases will be able to transfer their characters, rank, loot and other earned elements during the official launch.

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Suzie Ford

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