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Official Torchlight Frontiers Reddit Updated with Fan Topics to Be Addressed by Echtra

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The Echtra team is coming off of Gamescom this week after a successful run around the track with media, fans and other influencers. Over the course of days since Torchlight Frontiers was announced, the team has been keeping track of community wishes and questions about the forthcoming MMO-ARPG. 

Here are the identified topics that the Echtra team will be tackling over the coming weeks, most taken from social sites and other outlets.

  • What’s the idea behind “no levels” and having Skill Points as drops? What’s going to be fun and satisfying in terms of character progression?
  • Does “not dropping loot you can’t use” mean I won’t find loot for my other characters, or for odd specs I want to play? (No it doesn’t mean that. We’ll explain more soon)
  • Max mentioned that we don’t intend players to trade their loot drops. Trading can be a positive for different players, for different reasons. Swapping item drops with party members, giving a leg up to a nub, being able to trade away unwanted loot or get a very specific item, actively playing in a market as its own source of content... are frequently being brought up. How will TL:F scratch these itches?
  • What kinds of social features can we expect? What’s going to make it feel like a shared world?
  • How are you going to not-suck at monetization?
  • When can we see more gameplay footage? Can we get a dev stream and ask more questions?
  • When do we get bbq Sturmbeorn ribs, and a campfire to cook them on?
  • Beta plx asap! (that’s actually me, but I think some players are looking for news too =P )

Head to the Torchlight Frontiers Reddit to check out what's new in the current build and to see a bit of concept art too!


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