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Obsidian Entertainment Reveals Fatebinder's Spire

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No great RPG comes without a place for the player protagonist to put up virtual feet to relax a bit, or, in Tyranny's case, to whip minions into shape. In the latest developer blog, Obsidian Entertainment reveals new information about Spires, mysterious structures of indeterminate purpose. Not one to let good real estate go to waste, however, Fatebinders are invited to create their own nest in the world.

Spires are interconnected and can be used as teleportation devices across the entirety of the world. They can also be upgraded with useful additions such as a forge, training facility, library or infirmary. As the Spire is improved, recruits from all over the world will come to join the cause.

Hiring Recruits: Once an upgrade has been built on top of a spire, you can begin hiring recruits to work for you at that upgrade. Recruits provide several functions for your party: they can train your party members in skills, they can sell unique weapons and armor, and they can produce new items for your party while they’re out adventuring.

Recruits can come from many different factions in the game, including from your enemies. With the right price, some members of factions that hate you are more than willing to work for you at your Spire. Some recruits are only available if you make certain choices during Conquest.

You can read more on the Tyranny site.


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