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Obi Wan Kenobi Coming to Star Wars Battlefront II on November 28th

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Obi-Wan Kenobi is ready to make his grand debut in Star Wars Battlefront II starting November 28th. He comes to the game as part of the Battle of Geonosis update, the first major Clone Wars battle. Players will also find the AT-TE included in the update. The developer team is aiming to make the Battle of Geonosis feel epic in scale as players fight through the multi-stage conflict.

From an interview with Senior Level Designer Peter Vesti Fendrup:

Those are three key characteristics of Geonosis that Peter elaborates on from a level design perspective, saying, “From the beginning, we actually had our new game mode (featuring capture points and capital ships takedowns, set to arrive early next year) in mind. Typically, we design our locations for Galactic Assault and add the smaller game modes where they sort of fit.”

Read more about Obi-Wan Kenobi, including his abilities and appearances, by visiting the Star Wars Battlefront II site.


Suzie Ford

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