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NZXT Reveals a New Entry Point for PC Gaming

Starter PCs ready from BLD

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NZXT has announced that it will be adding to their lineup of pre-built Starter PCs. Rather than taking the pre-built PCs into enthusiast territory, NZXT has opted to provide a more accessible entry point for first-time PC buyers. 

Here is a breakdown of what they are offering:

NZXT BLD Starter PC Breakdown

NZXT is offering three different tiers of Starter PCs with incrementally increasing hardware power with each step up. These systems are subject to a bit of substitution based on part availability, but NZXT shared with us that customers can expect to receive equivalent components. In other words, if the system advertises 3200 MHz (via XMP) RAM from Team T-Force, but the Team T-Force is unavailable, your system will have a similar RAM kit.     

Commenting on this release, founder and CEO Johnny Hou said, “Building a gaming PC can be very difficult for beginners.? Not everyone wants to take the time needed to fully understand how to configure and build a system. They just want to play their favorite games. That is why we simplified this whole process with the NZXT Starter Series. As fans take their first steps into PC Gaming, they can rest assured that they’re getting a build that is suitable for their needs and optimized for performance.”

To find out more about NZXT’s new Starter PCs, you can check out their BLD site here

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