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NZXT Announces Mass Effect Themed H510i PC Case

This is Commander Shepard, and I approve this message

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Hot on the heels of announcing the highly-anticipated Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare has one more surprise for 2020’s N7 Day… except, it isn’t BioWare’s surprise, it is NZXT’s! The PC hardware company unveiled the latest installment into its CRFT line of custom PC cases: the NZXT CRFT 07 H510i Mass Effect Edition. 

This mid-tower case will carry on the iconic traditions of the H510i cases by including a built-in LED RGB strip and fan hub controller as well as tempered glass side panel. The CRFT 07 case will come in a carbon fiber design with red accents to mimic Mass Effect’s N7 armor. The case will also come with a two-sided key charm for the Paragon or Renegade to display proudly. 

On the choice to make Mass Effect the next case in their CRFT lineup,  NZXT founder and CEO, Johnny Hou, shared this:

“To this day, we hear people recount the adventures of Commander Shepard and discuss their unique adventures. We are honored to partner with BioWare to bring this passionate fanbase a case that honors the legacy of this iconic franchise.” 

The NZXT CRFT 07 H510i Mass Effect Edition can be purchased directly from NZXT today for $199.99. It may just be Commander Shepard’s favorite PC case on the Citadel.


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