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NZXT Announces H1 Case Refresh

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NZXT has announced a refresh on their H1 PC case. Bundled with an all-in-one CPU cooler, power supply, and PCI riser cable, the H1 serves as NZXT’s solution for system builders looking for a small footprint. This updated version increases the power of the PSU from 650W to 750W, increases the space to accommodate larger GPUs, and updates the GPU riser cable to support PCIe 4.0.

In their press release, NZXT acknowledged that the original H1 had a fatal flaw, promising that they are committed to  a more stringent production process:

“We have reworked the original riser design from the H1 and learned a great deal from the original case and listened to community feedback. The H1 features a custom-designed PCB and we worked with a new vendor, using a more rigorous QA process to make sure each H1 upholds high quality and safety standards.”

Here is a break down of the new features in the H1 V2:

  • Increased size to provide room for modern AMD and NVIDIA video cards, as well as increased cooling (up from 13L to 15.6L)
  • An extra front I/O port (USB A)
  • Fan controller via NZXT CAM for ease of controlling RGB fans and fan curve
  • Improved PCIe Riser with PCIe 4.0 support
  • Built-in 750W Gold Power Supply (up from 650W)
  • Built-in AiO CPU Cooler
  • Pre-routed cables for easy cable management.

The H1 V2 will be available from NZXT on February 21st, 2022 for $399.99 USD. If you are interested to read our thoughts on the H1 V1, you can find them here


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