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NZXT Announces C Series Power Supplies, RGB & Fan Controller

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This article was written by Damien Gula.

This week, NZXT announced two new products to add new levels of power and control to their lineup of PC parts: the RGB & Fan Controller and the C Series of power supplies. Let’s take a deeper look at what we know so far.


RGB & Fan Controller

Whether you are controlling NZXT’s Aer RGB 2 fans, LED strips, or underflow kit, the RGB & Fan Controller is meant to bring the brains of NZXT’s i-Series cases to the masses. With two lighting channels and the capability of controlling up to six addressable RGB LED strips or five Aer RGB fans (up to 80 LEDs in total), this pint-sized piece of kit gives you customization control of the NZXT ecosystem via NZXT’s CAM software. The RGB & Fan Controller also has three fan channels with a maximum of 10W per channel. 

The RGB Fan and Controller comes in at $24.99 USD and will be available early February 2020.


C Series Power Supplies

This is not NZXT’s first offering in the world of power supplies, we had the opportunity to check out the E850 back in 2018. Continuing their legendary partnership with Seasonic, NZXT announces a new line of modular power supplies - the C Series. 

The C Series differentiates itself in both pricing and denominations of wattage (650W, 750W, and 850W), but keeps some of the “peace of mind” features of the E Series - like a 80 Gold rating, 10-year warrantee, and sleeved cabling. Where the E Series adds the digital features for those a little bit more interested in voltage monitoring and regulation, the C Series keeps it a bit more simple. 

This is also reflected within the price of the PSUs, but don’t consider these to be low end slouches: NZXT claims that the C650 and C750 are capable of handling an RTX 2080ti or Radeon VII, respectively.

The C Series will begin at $109.99 USD for the C650, $119.99 USD for the C750, and $129.99 USD to the C850 upon release in early February.  

Looking for a new power supply or to dive head first into the iridescent world of NZXT-based RBG? Let us know in the comments below. For more MMO/RPG, and PC tech news and reviews, keep it locked in here at MMORPG.com.  


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