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Nutaku Portal - EN Versions of Great Online Games Incoming

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Nutaku.com, a multi-games portal, has officially launched. Nutaku seeks to bring the "greatest online games from around the world" to English-speaking audiences. To demonstrate that goal, the first games to be released are Kanpani Girls, a popular JRPG, and Angelic Saga, a deck-building strategy game.

"We're excited to kick-off the launch of Nutaku.com by bringing two immensely popular titles to an English-speaking audience for the very first time." said Markos Antoon, vice president at Nutaku.com. "In the near future, our fans will have the opportunity to play some of the world's most immersive web and mobile games, including downloadable games and apps. Nutaku is opening up whole new audiences and we welcome talented game developers."

Check out Nutaku.com for more about how to get started.

Kanpani Girls Trailer from Nutaku Dev on Vimeo.


Suzie Ford

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