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Novaquark Closes 2021 With a Peek at What's Coming in Dual Universe

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Novaquark ends the year looking back on 2021 in Dual Universe and looking forward with some of what we can expect in January and beyond in the latest devblog.

After the holiday break, there will be an updated roadmap for what to expect for Dual Universe in 2022, along with a new devblog revealing the next major update and goals. As with prior announcements, expect devblogs and details after the goals and roadmap are announced. Accompanying the content changes are Lua related.

Some of what’s to come is wrapped up in the previously announced improvements and changes via plans for Lua. Novaquark Ligo updated that the team will be working with Lua changes and improvements continuously alongside gameplay changes and content. 

“We are continuing to introduce more changes and improvements to the Dual Universe Lua environment. There is so much we want to do, and we are doing our best to include Lua-related content into updates as often as possible along with major gameplay elements.”

Two of the mentioned Lua changes to come are the Camera Lua API and Lua API for mining, with others promised.

The team has also recently released a look back at all of the major developments and events so far in the beta, up to and including November’s Demeter update. The video shows just how much has changed with the environments, weapons, systems, and more. 

Dual Universe enters 2022 deep in development, with the recent huge mining changes up and running and other changes, like the addition of new monthly subscription pricing tiers. Novaquark is not the only game adding a new subscription price tier and different details late in 2021. 

For more on the Lua changes and the rest of the year end wrap up and what’s to come starting next month, head over to Dual Universe.


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