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Notorious Studios Reveals Some New Details About 'Character and Class Fantasy' Project Honor

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Yesterday’s OTK Games Expo came with the reveal of a deal between Notorious Studios and OTK to partner with an investment in the studio’s first game, an RPG codenamed Project Honor. Notorious has now released some more details about what their goals are for the game.

They’re still very early in development, but they want to build a “character and class fantasy” in an RPG, and an emphasis on player story and how their class shapes their journey and choices. Their site has been updated with both some brief descriptions and an intro video from the team discussing their basic vision and the new OTK partnership.

They describe the game like this:

Project Honor is a class-based, online action RPG where you can go on adventures solo or with friends to get loot and resources to gear out your character.  We view it as a new emerging genre that blends PvP and PvE elements. We are at the earliest beginnings of this project, so much can change from now until eventual release.”

To build the game, Notorious is using Unreal Engine 5 and building a core fantasy world that they want to shape into feeling dangerous, immersive, and full of mystery. They want the world to feel like its own character. “We want you to explore it, learn from it, defend yourself from it and benefit from it,” says Senior Artist Eric Braddock in the new video. The team is also working to amplify the immersion with a reimagining of standard RPG combat with elements “all geared towards an engaging multiplayer PvPvE experience”.

You can expect some traditional classes like mages, priests, and warriors, but in the concept art section of the newly updated site, there's even an image with a blurred out secret class. sounds like there's some mystery already.

To find out more, head over to Project Honor..


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