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Notorious Studios Gets OTK Investment and Details Its J.R.R. Tolkien and WoW-Inspired Game, Project Honor

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Notorious Studios, the studio formed by former World of Warcraft devs Chris Kaleiki and Douglas Frazer, has gotten a significant investment from OTK. Notorious also showed off its first game, which is inspired by J.R. R. Tolkien and Warcraft, code named Project Honor.

The first OTK Games Expo was where this sneak peek took place, alongside a number of announcements involving Project Honor. With OTK, Notorious gains a collective investor group with creatives and influencers, many of whom were experienced with and inspired by WoW. Notorious Studios was named after Kaleiki’s original WoW guild, so there are many things coming full circle here. 

There’s not much yet revealed about the game other than it is a fantasy title with those notable influences and will feature typical classes like mages and warriors.

According to a press release on the partnership, Kaleiki is quoted as to why this deal came together. "Founders often ask me the best way to validate a game idea, and honestly, I think bouncing that idea off influencers in your given demographic is the best test of your thesis at that stage. And that's what drove Notorious to connect with OTK in the beginning,” he says.

And for OTK, it represents a chance for content creators and influencers to help lay the foundation of a game they believe in from an early stage. OTK’s largest content creator, Asmongold, said in the release that “the idea of partnering with a team that aligns so closely with how we see gaming was a no-brainer”.

According to a report on the announcement and game peek in the Washington Post, streamers like Asmongold and Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo will also get the chance to playtest the game in its early stages as part of the deal. The early reveal of the title and concept is also designed to both attract more interest–from potential investors and potential employees, but also to begin to create a fanbase from early on.

You can read more about Notorious at the official site.


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