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Notes and Details Are Out for Tower of Fantasy's Vera Update, Coming Thursday

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Tower of Fantasy will be growing on Thursday, with the Vera update that will expand the locations, quests, and other content available in the game. The team has released details on the update, including downtime schedule and full patch notes.

The update will be added on Thursday beginning at 6 AM UTC/ 2 AM ET.  The Steam version will also be added on this day, along with the update content on all platforms. Once the update is live, here’s what you can expect.

If you’ve been playing since launch, there’s a good chance after getting through the content gates, that you’re lacking in some direction. First up, this update will raise the level cap to 80. There’s, of course, the new Vera sector, which includes both the Grayspace and Mirroria, so you can get into the desert or the cyberpunk-influenced city. You should prepare to enter the desert with the new story chapter, Land of Sand. The desert is a large area, with dangers including a new world boss, and other things to discover. 

You can also expect new simulacra, including Ruby, who arrives with the update, are some new instances called End Game and Sadness Valley. They don’t exactly  sound like cheerful locations where you can go to relax. Hotta Studio has been promoting this update with big world bosses and challenges, so you can get in there and see if they’ve nailed it.

Daily activities will ramp up with the inclusion of Vera bounty missions, which you can finish in Vera or Aesperia. There are also support and progression rewards, including bonuses for new players or those who’ve stopped playing in the interim between content updates. One of these is the new “A Fresh Start” event, and there’s “Stellarway Restart” is for inactive players.

Overall, the Vera update is packedwith much content and a new level cap, so it’s nearly time to see just how far the story and rewards here will take you with the new content.

Read the full notes over at Tower of Fantasy.


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