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Michael Bitton Posted:
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It's no secret that things are changing across the genre, with a trend towards Free to Play (or free to play hybrids a'la DDO and LOTRO) seemingly inevitable. This has left many gamers wondering about the fate of their favorite games in this new world of MMO gaming. As far as EverQuest II fans are concerned, however, those dreading Free to Play can rest easy. EQ2 will not be going Free to Play according to EQ2 Senior Producer Dave Georgeson.

Georgeson on EQ2 going F2P:

"As I said in that interview, we will not be changing your subscription model. We've heard you folks loud and clear that you do not want items with stats introduced, you don't want players buying their way to power, etc. Your world will stay the way it has been and we will continue to support it with new content, items, etc."

Official EQ2 Forums [via Massively.]

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