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North American Official Launch!

Drew Wood Updated: Posted:
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War of Angels flew into live, North American Official Launch on December 15th, and to celebrate, Neowiz is giving players several new features to go along with the launch!

Extensive Character Customization - Show off individual style and personality with the new in-game customizations. Players can change their skin, hair and wings with dyes of various colors.

New "Halo" Currency - Purchase premium items, from EXP boosters to custom armor or weapons with Neowiz Games' Halo currency ($1=100 Halos).

Major Updates - Technical updates and user suggestions from closed and open beta testing, as well as other various repairs, offer more stable and improved gameplay

Level Up, Get Gifts - Players who reach level 10 by Dec. 21 receive special gifts from Camael, including three types of "Blessed Book" items to use enchantment items at a higher success rate and the "Caldeanos Bag," which increases a characters inventory for seven days

Check out the War of Angels website here.


Drew Wood