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Non-Legendary End Chests in Neverwinter Will be Able to be Opened for Free

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Cryptic's Jared "NoWorries" Sears has posted a new blog post on the Neverwinter site to show off some nice changes coming with the Heart of Fire module. One of the most interesting is that non-legendary end chests will be able to be opened for free -- meaning no key required! "Overall the key mechanic wasd frustrating, and needing to spend AD on keys for additional dungeon runs in a given day wasn't a great experience," Sears wrote.

Players with existing keys will see them turned into reroll tokens that can be used to reroll the chest loot. 

In addition, salvage mechanics are changing either to "allow for better balancing of rewards".

Heart of Fire brings with it a change to salvage and Rough Astral Diamonds. The biggest change being that no longer is leftover equipment salvaged into RAD but instead it all converts into Refinement Points. Dungeons/Heroic Encounters/Campaign Stores/Trade bar Store/Seals Stores/Stronghold Stores will all now grant RAD directly and other sources or RAD, such as Random Queues, still grant their RAD as they did before.

Check out the full post on the Neverwinter site.


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