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No, You Cannot Romance Keanu Reeves In Cyberpunk 2077

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most hotly anticipated games, and one of the major reasons is thanks to the hype surrounding Keanu Reeves playing a major role in the game. However, CD Projekt Red has some bad news for eager players.

In an interview with Video Game Chronicle, CDPR is planning on making Cyberpunk inclusive of everyone, especially in the way NPCs refer to your character by not using gendered language. Rather, you'll find yourself refered to as "V" rather than a gendered pronoun. 

He said: “We really want to make sure players get the representation that they want. In the genre of Cyberpunk as well, it asks such deep questions about what it means to be human, let alone what it means to define your gender.

“Having that customisation match how you feel is your representation of how you feel… it’s important for us and it’s important to the lore of this world too.”

The designer added: “One of the things we’ve done to make sure the game addresses things a certain way is a lot of the time NPCs are just going to refer to you as ‘V’, because you won’t be able to choose your name.

However, the real bombshell comes from the fact that while many NPCs in the game will be options for Cyberpunk's romance system, Keanu doesn't seem to be one of them. 

However, one major support character will not be available for romance, said Pears: “Keanu plays a crucial role in the game, but as for the option to romance him, I don’t believe you can.”

You can check out the full interview on VGC here.


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