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No Redemption for Troublemakers Sentenced to Prison Server

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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EverQuest II players who are flagrant violators of others' game play fun and who continually break the rules will be flagged for a new "prison server" called Drunder, an experiment being conducted by Daybreak within the game. The trip is one-way with no chance for redemption. Customer Service Game Masters will be the ultimate decision-makers on who ends up taking the trip to Drunder.

Players sentenced to the prison server will receive no customer support and will be required to maintain membership in order to access Drunder to play.  Other players, should they choose to do so, can move their accounts to Drunder but, similar to the sentenced offenders, will not be allowed to return to "normal" servers.

The idea behind the server is that those who repeatedly are in violation of game rules can continue to do so in their own secluded setting without impacting the game play of others.

Read the full announcement on the EverQuest 2 forum.


Suzie Ford

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