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No More Moving Bosses Via Vehicles in ArcheAge With the Latest Update

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An exploit that involved vehicles got its first fixes in the latest ArcheAge update. The exploit involved using vehicles in a way that caused an unfair situation in Crimson Rift and Grimghast Rift. While the patch doesn’t completely resolve the issue, it does take some particular steps that should curb most of it. 

The issue affected an unintentional ability to use vehicles to move boss monsters, and in doing so, to reset their HP while going through those Rifts. If you take a vehicle near the monsters Hound of Kyrios, Nightmare Blade, or Nightmare Bowstring To dispatch, your vehicle will be destroyed when it comes within a particular distance. The issue is not limited just to those two Rifts, so if you’ve seen it happening elsewhere, as with raid monsters like Nightmare Glaive, the team has made it clear that similar restrictions and actions will continue to be taken to prevent these kinds of vehicle-based exploits in other areas.

The rest of the update mostly concerns some fixes, compensation for event glitches, and a new pass for ArcheAge: Unchained. The new pass is called the Fresh Start Pass. the pass costs 1 gold to activate, enabling 30 tiers of premium rewards and a new title “Fresh Start (Advanced)” when you complete all 30.

During several events, including “Labor Consumption” quest, the “Wish Tree” event,  and more, there were some glitches that prevented Completion of certain tasks or obtaining rewards before the event ended. These events will now see compensation given for the items that players didn't receive when they attempted the events. One of the compensation items applies to players who bought the Wish Tree but couldn’t grow it due to a bug. They  have received Bound Serendipity Stone x1.

For complete details see the notes over at ArcheAge.


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