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No Man's Sky's Newest Content Update is Called Origins and it Releases Next Week

No patch notes...yet

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Hello Games has announced that No Man’s Sky’s latest content drop, dubbed Origins, is set to release next week.

Hello Games has not announced a release date or full patch notes for the content update, those will come later. However, the details we do have come to us via a letter of sorts posted by Sean Murray who writes,\

“Beyond came out last year, bringing VR and hugely expanded Online play, and since then we have focused on releasing more regular updates. SYNTHESIS, BYTEBEAT, LIVING SHIP, EXO MECH, CROSSPLAY, and DESOLATION have been some of our most popular, surprising and transformative updates – leading No Man’s Sky to have its biggest year to date.”

He concludes, noting that Origins will be another step in the longer journey that is No Man’s Sky. With this tease, we’ll have to wait for full patch notes to understand the new features and tweaks in Origins.


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