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No Man's Sky's Adrift Expedition Sets You Alone to Survive in a Mysterious Abandoned Universe

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No Man’s Sky’s big Adrift update and Expedition are here, with a new trailer and in-depth look at the latest way to play –alone. Inspired by early unreleased versions of the game, in addition to the release build, this update  places you in an environment with no NPCs, no trading,  and no shortcuts. There's also no teamwork, no camaraderie, and certainly no help.

Designed as an alternative universe, Adrift upends the survival experience that many know in No Man’s Sky. There are no NPCs and no one to help you, but there are some increased dangers to face, particularly since you are alone, with sandworms roaming around and fiend eggs spreading. The buildings you will find are broken, deserted, and joined by ruined landmarks and graves. It doesn't mean there's no hope in the survival game, but you'll have to think differently in an abandoned universe.

There’s an abandoned frigate out there in space, apparently without a crew. This Frigate of the Damned is but one new mysterious element. One of the most important things you'll find is a hauler Starship called the Iron Vulture, which will be a safe haven for you. Since the last update also brought in ship customization, there are new customization options here too in this update. One of them is exclusive for starships and is stealth paint. take advantage of this and you will get a low radar signature look for your ship that will help you traverse more carefully. 

Adrift began as plans for an Expedition, but as the team worked on it, it grew into the update we have here now. The Expedition is here, but the update also contains a number of other features, including a number of rewards that you can take advantage of over the next seven weeks. Community research can unlock new ice sculptures, new decals, and more. Other rewards you can get your hands on include a new pet, the Gnawing Scuttler, and ship wreckage base parts.


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