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No Man's Sky Update Brings Alien Companions You Can Adopt

A Friend For Your Journey

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In its latest update, No Man's Sky developer Hello Games has added alien companions to the experience, letting players adopt their very own alien pet to accompany them on their journey.

The Companions Update, which hit all platforms today for free, lets explorers tame and adopt the varied creatures that inhabit the No Man's Sky universe. Additionally, those creatures aren't bound to the planets you found them on - you can summon them to join you anywhere you go in the universe.

You can also breed companions, producing babies that have characteristics from their parents but are still unique to the species. Players will need to bond with these companions as well, through playing and feeding them - the usual pet-based gameplay. However, through this your creature can become incredibly useful, such as mounting one with shouldler-mounted mining lasers to help tackle some of the resource grind.

You can check out the full details of the Companions update on the official No Man's Sky website. This update has been pushed to PC and Console versions for free today.


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