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No Man's Sky Experimental Patch Includes 21:9 Support, More Fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new patch has released for No Man’s Sky on the Steam experimental branch bringing with it 21:9 support and additional fixes.

  • Fixed a significant number of crashes and functionality issues with fleets and freighters in multiplayer.

  • Added support for correctly scaling the HUD and other visual elements for 4K.

  • Added support for correctly scaling the HUD and other visual elements when using alternative aspect ratios such as 21:9.

  • Added the ability to customise your HUD scale.

  • Added support for custom resolution scaling when playing in borderless mode.

Performance optimizations are also offered,

  • Replaced the previous HBAO implementation with a newer and higher-quality temporal AO solution.

  • Introduced a number of significant CPU optimisations.

  • Improved the management of graphics memory pools.

  • Introduced a number of memory optimisations for Xbox 1.

  • Optimised the memory usage of interaction dialogue.

  • Applied a series of optimisations to water rendering.

  • Introduced a number of smaller general optimisations.

  • Upgraded OpenVR to the latest release.

  • Fixed a number of minor LODing issues.

Object fixes are also included,

  • Fixed an issue that caused friend's bases to be named incorrectly.

  • Fixed a number of issues where the visuals and animations of base parts did not accurately reflect their power status.

  • Reduced the intensity of the glow on Light Boxes.

  • Fixed a number of collision issues with base parts.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a red debug box to be visible in underwater crashed ship scenes.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause distress beacons to be spawned inside some large crashed ships.

  • Added the full description of a base part to the Build Menu popup.

  • Added a preview of a base part's power usage to the Build Menu popup.

  • Fixed a number of small visual issues with base parts.

  • Improved the camera on the Battery interaction.

  • Added audio to the Battery and Biofuel Reactor.

  • Added audio to the Sphere Creator.

  • Improved the audio when placing wires.

  • Added audio when physically interacting with the UI in VR.

  • Balanced the volume of the doors on the Space Anomaly.

  • Added audio when switching sub-inventories.

Check out the full patch notes here.


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