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No Man’s Sky Beyond Patch 2.09.1 Out, Experimental Patch Pushed For Testing On Steam

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Hello Games have issued Patch 2.09.1 for No Man’s Sky Beyond on PC, with a new patch in testing under the experimental branch on Steam.

Patch 2.09.1 contains a number of fixes, including,

Bug fixes

  • Adjusted base part data to improve performance in large bases

  • Made player-buildable sofas sittable

  • Fixed an issue that caused dismissing notification boxes to also perform in-game actions like firing grenades

  • Fixed a number of issues that prevented hydroponic trays from working with base power

  • Fixed an issue where pressure switches were not available in Creative Mode

  • Fixed Health, Power and Shield stations not receiving power aboard freighters

  • Fixed an issue that caused Batteries and Solar Panels not to attach correctly to building roofs

  • Fixed an issue that caused animals not to drop mordite when killed

  • Fixed an issue that prevent mordite being placed in the Nutrient Processor

  • Improved handling of the camera in tight spaces

  • Fixed a number of very specific mission and dialog flow problems in multiplayer

  •  Adjusted the VR UI for the Fleet Terminal

  • Updated the icon for the Noise Box

  • Tweaked the UI for the Agricultural Robot

  • Fixed an issue causing text clipping in notification boxes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented rewards from being seen when handing in Mission Board missions, and instead held the game on a screen with no UI

  • Adjusted the speed of the scrolling text to make it more readable

  • Fixed an issue that caused tips about the Crystal Fragments to appear for players who had no Crystal Fragments

  •  Fixed a number of LODding issues on specific plants

  • Fixed a number of collision issues on the Space Anomaly

  • Fixed an issue that could cause exotic ships to hide their wings when retracting landing gear

  • Fixed an issue that caused ship cameras to intersect with the freighter hanger

  • Fixed an issue that caused trade terminals on freighters to intersect the floor (fix will apply to new terminals, old terminals will need to be repositioned manually)

  • Fixed a number of graphical issues aboard the freighter

  • Made a series of small geometry optimisations to the interior of the Space Anomaly

  •  Fixed a softlock in a specific interaction in planetary factories

  • Fixed a crash that affected large bases

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the game is shutting down

  • Fixed a crash in Sentinel Quad navigation

  • Fixed an issue that could cause black squares to appear when damage numbers were turned off

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if an NPC tried to walk to an invalid location

  • Fixed a rare crash in video card initialisation

  • Fixed a rare crash in memory allocation

  • Internal improvements to crash reporting

A new patch has been issued for testing on the Experimental Branch on Steam containing the following fixes. Take care, however, as this is an experimental branch. Be sure to make backups of your save files and follow the instructions here closely.

  • Fixed an issue where transferring valuable treasures (such as ancient bones) to other players would result in an invalid product.

  • Fixed an issue where Shutter Doors had incorrect icons in the build menu.

  • Introduced a number of PC-specific VR optimisations (not yet available for Oculus).

  • Reduced graphics memory usage to improve stability.

  • Fixed an issue where control pads did not rumble on PC.

  • Fixed an issue where Gek players would float when sitting on the ground.

  • Added a resource message when dismantling base parts.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an infinite number of creature pellets to spawn in Creative Mode.

  • Fixed a memory leak related to starships and Exocraft.


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