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No Man’s Sky Beyond Features 32-Player Planets, Player Hub, Other Activities

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No Man’s Sky’s latest update, Beyond, will feature 32-player planets and a player hub of sorts when it launches on August 14.

In an article from PCGamesN, Sean Murray told the outlet that Beyond is going to make No Man’s Sky, “something sort of like an MMO.” According to the article,

“Each planet will be sharded, with a population of up to 32 players (on PC – numbers will vary by platform) per shard. When you land on a planet you’ll be brought seamlessly into a shard with available space.”

Additionally, Beyond is introducing a summonable social spaced dubbed the Nexus. This Nexus will offer up community missions, among, “other features.” According to PCGamesN,

“These will sometimes send players to the same planet to tackle objectives together, and you’ll be able to really see and engage with others on a new level without having to actively ‘join’ the same game. You can even set up a kind of ‘fireteam’ with them, keeping you together as a group, though he advised that that term, popularised by modern military jargon (and Destiny), was a bit ‘too masculine and aggressive for our nice gentle, ambient game.’”

In a separate Kotaku article, Sean Murray outlined additional activities you can partake in Beyond,

“‘You can be like space Deliveroo,’ Murray said, referring to a UK food delivery service comparable to Seamless or Grubhub. ‘Now where we are is having plants that you can harvest. You can build a cooker using the building system. You can cook these plants, you can experiment with them and create recipes. You can find animals and milk them and then combine all of those things to create like, different pies—or various kinds of alien food, which is something I’ve always wanted in a game.’”

Beyond releases on August 14 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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