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No Energy Potions in the Cash Shop Thanks to CBT Feedback

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Black Desert Online forum has been updated with a long list of improvements to the EU / NA version of the game in direct response to player feedback.

Of particular note is the fact that energy potions will not be part of the cash shop, though players will be able to visit an NPC to trade unused energy into a potion that can then be sold / traded on the marketplace.

In addition to the good news about energy potions, the team outlined changes to the following systems:

  • party experience is being boosted - "The benefit increases if you consider that you can work together to kill larger mobs of stronger monster types. But be careful, the more you move away from each other and the killed monster, the higher the chances to lose the bonus. "
  • significant increase to gear drop rates for field bosses

You can read the full post on the Black Desert Online forum.


Suzie Ford

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