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No Content Info in Patch Notes Keeps Players More Fully Immersed

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Saga of Lucimia team has published the latest Mondays in MMORPGs titled "No Content Updates in the Patch Notes". By the title, it's apparent that players will not find nuggets of information about playable content, though the usual laundry list of bug fixes and back end improvements will be included. The goal is, according to the post, to keep players more immersed in the Saga of Lucimia game world.

Having many of the advanced trainer NPCs and quest NPCs with dynamic spawn points, pathing cycles, and events that affect them as actual characters, and not updating players on these changes so they have to discover them on their own, leads to increased immersion in the game world, and a sense that the world itself is actually evolving over time.

[W]e’re going to be doing as much as we can to keep things unknown, and to avoid EVERYTHING being available via a wiki.

You can read more on the Saga of Lucimia site.


Suzie Ford

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