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Nintendo Direct 4 September Recap

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Earlier this evening, Nintendo held its Direct briefing, and it certainly had a ton to showcase coming to the Switch. Here are some of the highlights to come out of Nintendo's Direct:

Overwatch was officially confirmed by Nintendo to be hitting their platform. Reported earlier today by MMORPG (via Kotaku), Overwatch will hit the Nintendo Switch on October 15th.Players can pre-purchase the game on Nintendo's website.

Nintendo also showcased quite a few RPGs to hit the Switch, starting off with Trials of Mana. The HD remake of the original RPG classic is coming April 24th, 2020. Additionally, GameFreak, the studio known for the Pokemon series, is coming out with another RPG this fall.  Little Town Hero puts you in the position of protecting your town when a monster invades. You can get your hands on that on October 16th.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition (that's a long title) is coming on September 27, but players can download a new free demo today. Also out today is Larian's epic Divinity: Original Sin 2. Divinity has full multiplayer support, as well as support for cross saves with Steam, meaning if you've already played through and want to just pick up your game on the go, there is no need to start from scratch. 

However, the star of the show was Pokemon Sword and Shield. Quite a bit of info was announced for the long-awaited Pokemon game to hit the Switch. Here are some of the highlights:

  • There will be customization available for your character, including new options for choosing outerwear and gloves. Additionally, you’ll be able to change your hairstyle or apply a bit of makeup. 
  • Another new feature announced was Pokemon camp. Pokemon camp is the ability to set up a camp anywhere. You’re able to play with your Pokemon while at the camp. However, it’s not just your own camp that you’re able to visit— you’re able to visit the camps of your friends. Up to three players are able to hang out at the camp together.
  • Finally, a cooking aspect was explained. Your player will be able to cook curry. Sword and Shield will be introducing a “CurryDex”, where you’re able to unlock each of the 100 curry recipes.
  • Finally, two new Pokemon — the ghost-type Poltegiest and the bird Cramorant— were revealed.

You can watch the full Direct n Nintendo's YouTube channel. What are you most excited for?


This article was written by our staff writer, Allyson Canary. 


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